Amber Probe EP

by Namor The Sub-Musician



released July 22, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Fix
Use this track like a journal for infernal paternal instincts that threaten to leave me extinct when I enter the precinct with weapons drawn remained forewarned of fanaticism abolish racism demolish classicism begin this lesson in life fresh and redressed cracking the carapace when you’re caressed face to face with sinister therapists marriages of convenience brutality and genius slide ideas in between us like disappearance in smoke and mirrors terrors of governmental agencies release these thoughts like drugs on the population blanket the nation to inhibit creation enable inebriation institution of illusion over reality who’s as mad as me can’t seem to see let alone believe the pain and torment turn your intent towards the cries of a million women and children the sun is gone slowly eclipsing I think that you’re missing the message massive passage attiges of ashes that you choke on let these ideas begin to sink in like ink in the skin reflecting internal images perfecting reprogramming passing from carrier to carrier the world we live in is getting scarier and scarier by the minute with minute details severed heads on a spike pike at the entrance to buildings like religious images and slogans we’re heart broken about Hulk Hogan as our rights are being stolen they’re smoldering and smoking there is no man all-knowing so we should be growing showing sharing and caring help with baring the weight of all this hate in hopes to sedate those who premeditate to separate us into factions so they only have to face fractions with decimal points to decimate the point all those that oppose grow weak and weary in this dreary atmosphere clearly I’ve become concerned silently sleeping steeping in sanguine saline liquids laced with LSD laser disc encryptions Turn from those that we love to put our hope in somewhere up above aye tis the rub of abandoning your cub to the coldness of winter dare to enter the center eye of the storm and reform your destructive wishes dismiss these ordinates for new coordinates this is ignorance bliss leaves blisters where’s the rest of the pack stand back I feel myself being torn in between this scene that can be seen and a dream in between waking and sleeping drinking from the cup of subcutaneous knowledge walk the halls of this cosmic college in galactic gardens as the idea begins to harden pardon this metaphor but I’ve never really done this before it’s hard to ignore especially when I’ve learned of the cure and there are ten score more obsessed with the treatment prefer enslavement turn people to pavement would see me dispatched I’m not sure how much longer I can last hopefully long enough to accomplish this last task reveal the face from mask after and laugh through the gas ask is this not what you wanted are you not entertained composure breaking but somehow maintained when my body is contained advanced state of decomposer exit the pressure desecrated viscera goodbye I’ll miss you as I lose vital viscus this is visceral remember all that I’ve taught you redemption is sought never from sadness but humble brashness can never be bought ability to achieve succeed at any cost scoff at preconceived notions and conceptions I am the moth man prophecy one that has been shall forever be continually stand with sacred scripture in hand believe even if it is hard to understand ban on knowledge and insight bite the bullet to blow out the back of the mullet mull it over grasp the four leaf clover to your chest this is the rest of the test end of the message the song is over and gone all that’s left is the rest of your life time to move on now be gone!

- Opening
Gotta get your fix quick, fix quick, fix quick
Gotta get that fix quick, fix quick, fix quick
Gotta get your fix quick get your mind adjusted
- Closing
Gotta get your fix quick, fix quick, fix quick
Gotta get your fix quick grab that crucifix
Gotta get that fix quick, fix quick, fix quick
Gotta get your fix quick get your mind adjusted
Track Name: Audacious Audacity As Mad As Me
My existence is miraculous the fact is I will master this pass this class and be done with this for the rest of existence pen the words to this sentence during my sentence search for repentance adherence to no structure man or monster I’m mobbing you all hear the call from the bat signal this time it’s personal tell me what you’re searching for let me implore your better judgment it’s time for a new precedent after our first black president change in the air is evident hands of a healer voice of Garrison Keeler evacuate the garrison more than slightly embarrassing mess of our own making the future is ours fruit ripe for the taking forsaking these thousand years of violence and draught there must be no doubt that love is what it’s all really about no matter the rhetoric we spout I could do with or without there’s no need to pout about it
someone restrain me or stop me going berserk I’m disturbed this cannot be curbed or cured but rest assured that this will continue in a straight line ensured forever whether we’re together or separated check the weather snap the tether and tell your teacher what the sky looks for the first time insight and intelligent discourse is your only recourse show absolutely no remorse infinite resource of the mind power and sound of the divine growing like flowers on a vine passage of time harder yet to define message to underline ability to redesign malign misplacement take action at the end of this statement they call this the land of liberty what are you kidding me unless you mean the promiscuously easy to see rights that are mysteriously vanishing man handling of gerrymandering while meandering past the point roll those papers blow the vapors and pass the joint learn to suspend disbelief much to the relief of those that wish to wreck us on this reef wreath the world in blood we must stand above those that would subvert the will of the people weight is crushing and easy to feel
The military industrial is real it’s a complex with wills that flex thoughts which manifest as drones flown straight into your home when the women and children are alone left unguarded unmanned mission with conscious decision to detach remission of the mission statement and malicious intent seems like they’re flaunting it taunting the lower class like this will forever last shotgun blast and the end of the thirty day fast passive resistance with death at the end of a sentence insistent admission of bullets to the brain separation of skull from the frame it’s the same every time you close your eyes see the future the face of the man who will shoot you and still have no clue no idea what to do when the dose is due I on the other hand don’t want the date am content to await my fate in the darkness of unknowing
Garbed in armor I grow stronger no longer chained by thoughts that remain dark must keep moving like a shark I apologize for any remark that I may have made my tongue is sharp like a blade serrated but acts are never premeditated still never satiated we’re all being placated that’s why I’m now steel plated jaded with goliath green that’s got me faded in
The heat of passion scream until retinas are detaching my back is snapping can’t tell what’s happening am I dying or napping dreaming or snapping let’s check the notes as the screen begins to blacken

- opening
I know what you wanna do I am here to guide you
I know what you’re gonna do stand right beside you
I know we’re gonna do gotta do it with you
I know what we’ve gotta do gonna do it with you

- closing
I know what you wanna do I am here to guide you
I know what you’re gonna do stand right beside you
I know what we’re gonna do gotta do it with you
I know when you’re gone that I’m gonna miss you
I know what you wanna do I am here to guide you
I know what you’re gonna do stand right beside you
I know we’re gonna do gotta do it with you
I know what we’ve gotta do gonna do it with you
Track Name: Cynical Plan
They Live wasn’t a movie it was a documentary sent her by cybernetic aliens from another dimension to telepathically pass along information and inform me of the events of the future yet to come prepare my mind for the carnage and the fun pacifists pack powder and stand parallel to the verbal barrel of guns I’m dressed like a satanic nun on the run out on the town looking to earn some funds I’m certainly among the best at what I do but I do I couldn’t that or I’d have to kill you tell you it isn’t very pretty the ability to turn myself into a Nosferatu join the ranks of the dead the legions of voices in my head that live under your bed existing only for the battlefield and blood shed like a drone I’ve flown straight into the twin towers watch as the flame showers and devours everything that I’ve ever known and loved I can see that heaven’s smiling down from up above send another flood we need to start again wash away all of this sin senseless wars and hatred amongst men I’m deeply conflicted peacefully angry but illicit always explicit don’t miss it blows delivered to the face like the Pulp Fiction case or just in case you need to face your own fears I’ll be hear standing near in your ear mashing deep like a fed gone postal seeing red this is when people end up, nah let’s shed this negativity I don’t think you’re hearing me even though your inevitably feeling me tapping into the innumerable veins of this cosmic reality completely incapable of fallacy these are the intuitions on which this great democracy is built blood sweat and silt atop it sit the one percent consumerist fossil fuel thrones made from human bones stacked as high as the eagle’s flown as large as inflations grown past sins for which we must atone with souls made of stone and steal how does it feel either way you’ve got to heed the message and hear exactly what I say this is no time to play to bow down or obey everything’s not okay I’m down to dose the mainstream and make them see what I’ve come to dream in my waking hours the horrors of modern day holocausts, bomb explosions in mosques see beyond fuel costs to rioting the deeply rooted reasons that people of different creeds and colors are fighting the wrongs that most need righting read the writing on the wall stand tall before we fall forever in the echo I can hear Odin in Valhalla call from the great mead hall like a morning star after the fall wings, tail, halo and all powers of the nephilim standing somewhere in between Elohim and Anastasia modern day euthanasia synaesthesia for the synthetic cyborgs and half humans eating foods like fluids from containers and cartons cartoons of OCP patients labelled and packaged as PCP patents containers of noxious fluids midnight entertainment when I let music like anthrax loose in the neighborhood an ability to cut past the point to the nerve which has a tendency to perturb even disturb when relived I could never forgive my own self what makes you think you’re any better heavy welter weight who can’t wait to verbally ejaculate fire consume the pillars of the evil empire incinerate and devour the umpire freedom is the only aspect I desire and to which I aspire a cause for which I shall eventually inevitably be a martyr worker smarter not harder grow bolder as you grow older learn from each step and learn the ability to inspect every aspect of your own reality and existence there’s no need to face things so passively we’re massively outnumbered and outclassed but we can fight back with our words and our will our urge to fill the world with better things and all that enlightenment brings in full swing beautiful spring reborn anew and refreshed a world free from the hateful intellect of those who refuse to understand accept or respect anyone who looks or acts differently rock the ballot box if you’re feeling me digging this positive creativity massively overrated effort let’s see if we can get this progressive pope to bless it this is the lesson you can test it but never best it believe but never deceive tension, stress and pain begin to relieve and recede as this procession proceeds with the proceeds donated back to the common man with your flag in hand waving on top of the band stand doing a backwards handstand for reasons that the others will never understand act as if your life was planned before you were born strangely sacrilegious while you’re like who’s this Sagittarius acting scary and standing next to us on the bus back to the hotel from hell oh well I’m walking with gasoline shorts on here as well so I guess everything’s swell might as well at least it’s a good story to tell
Track Name: The Psycho-Social and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness
perpendicular to perforated and shattered musculature I’ve grown stronger much larger, my shadow like a tale has grown longer I’m like Bruce Banner snap and attack break backs like Batman I’m the bane of the immortal I devour the souls of men like a demon call me Oran, I run the clan time to disband tattoo the numbers on your hand disappear into the night go to sleep no need to fight especially a battle that you could never win I’ve grown strong unable to bend never break like Damascus steel flesh from your skull and frame I peel feel flame from the jaws of the undeniable infallible master of disaster Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride, this is the labyrinth of my mind we’ve travelled inside, see all this hurt and pain everything on which I’ve built my name and assembled to form the components of my main frame I never stick to tech specs it’s overclocked and my brain melts but with microphones on my belt like scalped pelts I’ve earned the verbal hammer of Thor abhor the insincere judgmental and hatefully insecure, blind self-assuredness leads to war not to mention you can’t see the world outside of your own front door hiding with your head beneath the floor with television, media men and political parties substituted for the cure - what’s more, tell me how did we start down these self-destructive paths? Is there any road that leads back to the land of the free? Why weren’t we born in the land of liberty like everyone keeps telling me, it just seems like an ideology that they’re re-packaging and then selling back me trying to placate perhaps even satiate our primal desires while reprogramming the fundamental aspects of our reality and moral quagmires facing absolutely no interference being greeted instead only by apathy is this truly the destiny that we’ve chosen for ourselves led alone the innumerable children left to come, in the future born deaf, blind and dumb, or perhaps simply numb to all that they survey the shattered remains and remnants of the world our greatest sacrament parchments of burnt paper that we scatter to the seven winds to deliver the message of our hatred and sins to the universe this cycle seems perverse we have to take time to reverse the damage that we’ve done traverse the rocky terrain of the terra on which we shall remain until the time of our self-induced slaying I’m done with this shit no more obeying I’m abstaining from normalcy training remaining an individual in a society of cyborgs and sentient computers buried in binary and staring at life through a computer screen I swear to god I have no mouth but I must scream I just stare unbelieving as the world I once know crumbles into anti-matter not that it really matters being based on the fundamentals of consumerism and masterfully managed psychological cynicism of the Reagan era if you can even remember the world before this war on terror which is actually our rights in actuality a losing battle nowhere near enough people fight with ideals left like unreported rape victims in the night Somehow I’m 30 and this is the year that I’m learning, everything it turning it’s changing for me I can see the divinity in the infinitesimal and infinity - holy trinity of self-awareness, responsibility and inner wealth your own health and power of mind the power to divine the truth from fiction even when escaping from reality has become an addiction pay attention to the misdirection see where we’re heading what we’re facing the erasure of history for the sake of the PC or in reality implementation of restraining policies to demolish the fundamental rights on which this country is founded our founding fathers would be astounded and astonished by what we’ve done in their names the shame we’ve blanketed on a nation of people ignorant of what they’ve done, that they’re the ones at the end of the vapor trails holding the smoking guns - they fail to perceive the machinations of shadowy men behind governmental lobbying and law writing the true battle that they’re facing and will soon be fighting against an opponent most frightening they’re own reflections lack of self-perception inept argumentation of the thesis statement misaligned placement of trust and blind faith is the obstacle that we face not just as a nation but an entire human race and if we lose apocalypse shall be the case so come with me down the rabbit’s hole, let us give chase to this dream because in the end the stark vision we’re seeing is all that there has ever been it’s all that will ever be so please let’s leave it a little better than we found it rather than forcibly shape and pound it eventually it will shatter leaving a pile of rubble that was all that matters to our children in the future our will has become inevitable in this current societal state and destructive but definite fate if we continue to fill ourselves with hate and mentally masturbate rather than taking responsibility for adding just a little positivity positively making a difference in someone else’s life rather than savagely emotionally beating another human being and leaving them bleeding in the streetlights the urge that we all must continue to fight to better ourselves contribute to human wealth with love and respect at least where due and earned rather than turn biting the hand from whence you learned and will eventually return one must show concern for the bettering of not just yourself but you and me – end the cycle of violence and hatred those shell casings are spent these days minimum wage won’t even cover rent - in the end I truly ask only that you hear this from me - this my message, this my plea.
Track Name: All I Got
Political positioning amongst the hustle and bustle it’s not worth the time or the trouble to keep up with the odds that we face erase any case against your prosecutor I’m the executor of my own will swallowed the red pill and still struggling to deal maintain and figure out what’s real what’s illusion fists to my skull cause contusions mystic illusions from masochistic pain and gallons of hallucinogens to the brain check the refrain Take on the form of a crane like Kung-Fu ancient tricks that I can show you, how to transform your mind into physically manifest destiny trained against an invisible enemy in a cosmic cube for an infinity like a Chuck Palahniuk novel the ideas novel but probably been done before so let’s just leave the brains scattered on the floor the message is clearly the more the merrier chewing off limbs like a pit bull terrier pathogenic plague carrier tell me what’s scarier some dudes tattoos or the governmental abuse of power their ability to devour into a black void any of those that choose, attempt to escape or avoid the endless limits of their sight or control devilishly powerful masterful and endlessly evil souls that seen to be eternal like Dracula take the facts back to you repackaging reality to make it more tangible slightly more manageable or so you’re led to believe deceive perfectly executed release like if Marilyn Manson really was Charlie the truth is stranger than fiction please enter into the world of the new addiction the new disease release the pain and tension from your chest and let go release your soul into the ether of the collective consciousness become a Buddhist vegetarian pacifist murder a pack of wolves with your bare hands and then get back to us pack powerful words in herds like compact knife verbs to shove in between ribs and nerves faces to bite curbs until sickening crushing sounds are heard the king one of a kind but kind of hard to find let alone divine questions that I’ve asked myself once or twice this is the world of mice and men so begin to stand tall against the governmental halo an ever expanding list of statutes and limitations simply laws of controlling intent see the extent of their control on a fundamental basis release yourself from this state of stasis and take back your fate it is not inevitable as far as we know destiny is our to tussle and cajole so continue to show love and compassion a new reality we can fashion from the fabric of the old the world of the brave and the bold that of which stories are told get a good foot don’t become trapped under the wheels of progress or distress the intellect of the elite perform any interesting feat before you greet the inevitable remember they’ve trained you to ignore the destruction of yourself as a whole piece by piece they pick you apart completely and entirely welcoming our fiery fate on the belt waiting to incinerate as they cremate satiate dark desires devour you completely – begin with the mind, then the body, now the soul – the mind, the body, the soul…
Track Name: First Contact
Cynicism is eating me from the inside out and the truth is I don’t even really know what it’s all about if I’m feeling guilty about what I’ve never done or somewhere I have a son that I’ve known and shown the love he deserves so I attempt to preserve my dignity constantly embalming my sense of self-sanity face to face with the figure beneath the black hood when it’s lifting perceptions are shifting directly into alignment sell your soul to Wal-Mart on consignment for a slight cost adjustment prodigious intent even without consent It feels like a part of me has died inside perhaps my pride circuit finally fried I’m exploding with answers like cancers hate to purloin the point but this is far from being benign we need to realign chakra placement for this malignant incursion looking for war can’t be a diversion murdering with a sense of pride is perversion the truth you believe in is just a version remember with or without you this world keeps on turning so why do we keep leaving it burning haven’t we been learning from all this education brains are phasing in and out of reality death of the old squad we are standing amongst the new gods those of dollar and cents even if it doesn’t make sense drop any pretense of love or compassion there are question that no one is asking perhaps they’d never be answered but now we’ll never know the fabric of our very reality shows psychological adjustment and perfectly executed product placement face the final judgment and reveal the true extent of their evil intent malcontent in a state of misplacement I refuse to stand complacent while this all happens adjacent dropping the mask like Jason the case that we’re facing there is no erasing defeat like metal in my mouth I’m tasting the flames of my fuel the tool of cruel fate fickle and continuing forever in a circle for an infinity when are we going to wake from this slumber we’ve turned the beauty of this world into bricks and lumber if you have to complain please take a number and step to the back of the line unless you truly wish to help design a brand new paradigm prepare for the shift at the ‘F’ sing fan fic flick of the wrist executed before you’re done listening to this people get pissed but look at all that they’ve missed right in front of their eyes war, deception and lies through a sense of self-pride it almost seems like these days no body tries dry your eyes and rise above the rest results of the final test see who’s the best of the best standing on the crest of a new humanity I know that we Prepare for first contact the moment of impact separation of fact from fiction how will people deal with that which they’ve never seen except perhaps in dreams or the gleam of sunlight on an irradiated flower emaciated statement of power humanity’s darkest hour men turned to shadows watches literally stopped in place where’s the point I think I missed it politically explicit I know you haven’t missed it but this knowledge is persistent and keeps me awake at night gnawing at my sense of right and wrong like tingling in my left and right arm so I pen the words to this song and try to just move along put life through the paces ignore the bigotry, hatred and racists except in certain cases when confronted and confounded confound it gimme your arm I’m gonna compound and compact it the fact is I don’t have very much love to give this is all I can do to lovingly reach out to you attempt to tell the truth sooth like naysayer the clouds have thickened and hardened into molten layers prepare for the magnetic flare I offer you this my final prayer knowledge dispensed like pollen into the air It seems like nobody cares but still I bare my soul to the ether in hopes of being a teacher while not necessarily a preacher a dream reacher the ability to perceive higher planes of reality than we have the ability to see with the naked eye perhaps I’ll explore when I die but in the meantime let us re-track this message to find the meaning and end this meeting on a high note rather than a side note as the colon would denote words that enflame ire like the verbal maw of fire mashing deep in the evil empire attempting to control my desire for human blood living underground of the streets like a CHUD cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller that’s shackled in the cellar like a shattered shell of Peter Sellers or how you learned to stop worrying and love the bomb give it up the ghost is gone I play the host to Khan kill Kirk go berserk and have a séance for Sandra Birk strap on a burka bake a batch of brownies feed ‘em to the townies sit back and watch ‘em eat each other alive like the monsters on Maple Street have finally arrived
Track Name: Solutions For The Cure
In this day and age life and death are simply big business ruled by dollars and cents not senses check the census it’s more profitable to treat the symptoms why engineer a cure of course there’s the cost of your humanity but that doesn’t fund your vanity it’s a rather recent development so sad to see is this really the way things have always been or am I just seeing things again rosily through my goggles and glasses living in a land of make believe that never even existed these false memories are doggedly persistent but if you jog your memory you’ll begin to see reality creeping back into the picture ever so slowly it’s so unsettling but if that I were a betting man I wouldn’t put a dollar on the human race mutually assured destruction must be the case unless we face our inner demons begin collectively conceiving rather than just dreaming or believing it’s the basis of the entire structure that I believe in consider the challenges we face how little emphasis on others we place Locked alone in thought like a disparaged despot depressed the clock grows hot and burns my eyes as the sun begins to rise life is full of surprises right on the horizons even when you can’t see them - attempt avoidance but you’ll only manage a small semblance séance burning like incense let these words in-sense some sort of reaction that ignites a small passion Name like Nightcrawler as the night around me grows darker I can feel my abilities grow stronger the darkness hones my senses makes them sharper victims left senseless battles are suspensless mind constantly under duress not necessarily with trying to impress or best my opponents but seeing the components that assemble to form the bio-organic entity of our world known only as Voltron like Tron we now see the world virtually wire frame work anything can be just as simply illustrated or drawn efforts are constantly frustrated I lock myself in my room and just keep on writing attempt to keep righting wrongs that have been perpetrated through my words in a song like a swarm I’m a locust one day I’ll transform from my current form chrysalis cocoon to an anarchist havoc wreaking omnipotent passive activist even if my records are followed by asterisks monstrous skills how long did it take to master this There’s no need for profanity when you take time to fashion words so insanely succinctly my ability is uncanny like an X-Man mutant meta-human granted verbal surgical precision but the truth is the decision to approach the microphone wasn’t mine alone there’s a voice that’s in my mind when I’m alone and over the years it’s grown a personality of its own began to make its own choices even developed its own inner voices exerting control most powerful and masterful over an eviscerated frame this thing just kept growing until now it’s finally exploding from beneath my skin fangs now showing as an all knowing third eye begins to appear just before my former mind dies the entity begins to infinitely multiply but the simple fact is that facts it supplants are hard to argue or deny when it touched my mind it cried that I wished I had died in fact even tried several times that somehow I couldn’t comprehend the means circumvent the end there’s no need to pretend because adversity may be the singular purpose of existence if one can simply begin to but judge it from a distance
Track Name: Ricochete
Destructive enunciation destruction of nations cremation of creation unbeknownst destination beyond the mortal coil resurrect as a fool’s foil for folly burn bubble boil toil and double the trouble left standing amongst the rubble irritated like stubble telescopic view like the Hubble telescope check the scope it seems as though the worlds lost it’s the hope filmed in cinescope no money for Technicolor wear the cape and cowl I’ll never throw in the towel the shadow of the bat would never allow that which consumes me to become reality face the darkness of mortality when you witness fatality brutal actuality tactile mentality can’t see the forest for the trees discussion of the birds and the bees royal decree of the Kree and we’re free from Galactus master of magnets I am Magnus momentous occasion through walls I’m phasing freezing at will teleportation change the station moment of momentous creation incineration of hatred and bigotry maybe one day we’ll be free but until then we continue to keep fighting through this world most frightening still ignorance can almost be enlightening strike the skull with skill like lightning fast fist verbal masochist reformed anarchist Old school new school it’s your school of thought that’s got my collar hot put me on the spot and disappear like a sunspot meets cypher paid the piper sniper and enemy at the gates not a moment to hesitate before we seal the fate of one another forgetting we’re all sisters and brothers no matter the creeds or color together we’re strong separated simply outclassed you’ll never even hear the gun blast the last flash in a moment of light final moment of life just ask Huey Malcolm or good old Martin Louie the message from beyond passes through me like an hourglass attempt to reconnoiter before the time is past the last man of an extinct race against time attempting to divine the riddles of the divine now with infinite gauntlets gems that shine Thanos like Thanatos face thanatosis absorb your power through omnipotent osmoses currents of the current cosmic cosmos cursed to live like Ozymandyus tell me that you’ll stand with us for yourself if nothing else it’s a must thrust with blades in the shape and shade of a charade nary a trace of the trials that we’ve faced it seems the trails been erased by nameless men with no faces or fingerprints leaving little imprint of perceptible interaction instead masking true movements and malicious intent with secrecy so as to avoid the need for consent let me present the latest in a never ending list of breaches to the soul crushing depths that their despicable will reaches hear the world of which this mad man preaches the extent of their plan far outreaches what we’re able to divine so as to never undermine never mind understand stand on our own for centuries we’ve grown craven like cowards what happened the model that you’re seeing is being haunted by the ghosts of those who are trapped cannot pass with business left unfinished I’ll never be done with songs unsung of heroes and villains victims and forgotten children left to fend for themselves ancient chant from the lisped lips of a druid sipping from subcutaneous fluid should it become a problem we’ll switch sides like Round Robin red rover send a government over we’ll topple another implementing democracy is a simple surgical staple that succeeds without fail except when you can’t curtail that nagging necrosis holiest words like Moses all that oppose us shall fall call from the pass in the past to present echo intelligent discourse leaves me no other recourse than to invoke the name of the ancient Norse I call upon Chuck more value than a buck it’s enough to motivate the greatest invocations of wrath hell hath no fury but it’s a cold and winding road to where your soul is stole world of which stories are told that would make your blood run cold women and children sold like commodities the bedrock of multimillion dollar industries operating with diplomatic immunities robbing from the poorest communities who have no other choices no voices but our choice is even more difficult we can harm none and do what thou wilt but stand idly by but turning a blind eye is the same as watching them die where’s the community outcry activism I continue to see a vision a version of this perversion where this no victim a world in which it’s worth living where we can all be breathing and believing not necessarily in a common dream as it may seem but wishing at least no ill will we’ll suffocate the urge to kill filling ourselves needlessly covet intelligence instead The darkness closes in around me and nothing that I can see could ever truly be warped reality in fractured mentalities personalities that fragment like the end of a sentence I never meant this to hurt anyone but here I am holding a smoking gun and just look what I’ve done there’s nowhere left to run I’ll live my life on the stunned path of one who has shunned all that he believed in who’s been relieved of his senses and senseless as this may seem slipping in and out of reality like a dream a good moment is hard to find yet harder to define put your finger on upon your finger wear it like a thimble simple symbol of why you fight the greatest source of your might and what keeps you up late at night but what you do with it is up to yourself
Track Name: Hard Times
Growing up never knew what to do always felt like I was being misconstrued somehow abused aside from being used fused my anger with pain formed the frame from which this monster came I can’t claim to be original only attempt to be inspirational slightly educational this nation is full of people who refuse to believe we can achieve something greater than leaving a smoking crater no matter the creator we have to face each other on a daily basis make this your priority and center of being then you can go back to believing whatever you want try to ignore the ghosts that you haunt flaunt it in public I’ll speak here with candor rather than meander plan Micro while macro manage delightful rather insightful brought up by a pack of werewolves with wooden spoons moving ever wayward in a way with a word I’ve broken from the herd if you’ve heard a single word that I’ve spoken broken and choking from ash in the air at night it’s hard to care when you can feel the teeth at your heel tear at your flesh from breath to burial in mercurial motion I have this mad notion that we can win without a commotion don’t be mistaken history is ours for the taking making the most of it even if I am counterfeit you can’t forget that knowledge is knowledge passed from books banned in college miss by a mile but I still enjoy seeing you smile makes my day entire life worth living musical style and fashion which I choose to live in hopes to receive a taste of what I’m giving did and didn’t do didn’t plan to have a kid but I do plan to love her like I did a great mystery to me and any that can see never blinking drinking in the scenery The greenery is quickly fading skyscrapers replacing debasing destruction and failing function we’re pretending to be simply overwhelmed still conform to the rules do all of our learning through schools rely completely on fossil fuels simply tools in a scheme that we can never seem to see grasp fathom gather fashion or dream we’re all on the same team despite what it may seem controlling with technology and policies abolishing constitutional rights trying to keep it out of sight make it look just right given simply a little insight you can see our home has become a tomb womb of prisoners and bars made of people equal sacrificed simply for ratings on the sequel even the pope has PR what does that tell you I’m not hear to tell you what to do just offer you some simple truths a little observation creative thinking as I stair at the ceiling unblinking forever creating thoughts in my mind linking metal to chain deep in the brain implement change entirely new and differing ranges of emotion lost in the ocean cold cast out of the fold living on mushrooms and mold is this hallucination or manifestation of the will to something that’s real I can hold and feel channeled through pens in moments that I steal from waking seconds mask my true intent far from innocent and currently seeking reform for the harm that I’ve done in my years of hard living chosen to live on a strict diet definition of a starving artist I think that everyone should try it at least once in their lives see if they can survive try telling them money can’t buy happiness resist this urge to fight back begin to see black instead of red as I close my eyes and they roll into the back of my head bred of bastard stock please laugh the clock is ticking and I know what you’re thinking why isn’t he blinking at least trying to lash out what is this strange pacifism all about Sometimes it’s all so beautiful it actually scares me almost makes me cry finally brings a tear to my eye and I try to maintain composure closer to closer great the composer one who’s written the words that we’ve heard yet never spoken ethereal chain of ephemera now broken with commas not colons thoughts are stolen and channeled when I could manage to keep my temper under control rational sanity that’s the plan at least keep the beast at bay chained and locked away far from where the children play today is the day and we’ve got to find a way there’s nothing to fear but fear itself that’s knowledge in and of itself awareness of one’s self as well as everyone else or else

There’s nothing to feat but fear itself, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself that’s knowledge in and of it’s self