Halloween themed album that wasn't done in time. Hope you enjoy, few more tracks to come once they're mixed but wanted to get these up.


released July 25, 2015



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Track Name: Escape From New York
Flying planes to deliver death with twin towers the powers that be won’t last the night no end to this nightmare in sight glorified kite gives flight to evade sight and crash lands stand when confronted lives are stunted blunted broken and battered my survival is the only thing that really matters the most play host to the ghost disappear into darkness as death harkens starts barking beckons and begins screaming attempt to wrap around the brain break the current chain of thought seek what must be sought only hours I’ve got but could wander for days in a daze confused haze recover from this phase and interpolate data manifest ability to cast bullet spells for zero manna it’s a massacre like Santa Anna Blood stains my hands as I stand my ground I’ve been found discovered my hiding place uncovered but I’ll recover with another maneuver slight detour but remain sure I’m coming for the king of the city pity be he the man that stands between me myself and I missing one eye but thoughts belie cold emotions stolen from radioactive emulsion rocket propulsion like hand grenades there are lives to be saved a new road to be paved mainly mine gang head way another mainstay I’m here no matter what you say to stay this is my turf you’re Nerf in comparison show me what you’re worth what’s that walked straight into the trap snap shut like a Venus fly can not deny tactics are completely ruthless they leave opponents toothless what use is this to stand against a man that’s an immovable object defeat stuck in between a rock and a hard place face this hard case with iron fists to face erase any that give chase with great distaste the last place you’d expect to find a hero produce movements like Shapiro behind the scenes like Spiro Agnew as we renew don’t misconstrue the truth or be so obtuse might as well put your own neck in the noose I’m a pit bull turned loose careful what actions you choose should you loose I shall show no mercy cast no shadow clear a path with indestructible mass when I move even if I were to die could never deny when pushed in ambush I bring the pain like acid rain no hope to tame a rabid dog appearing in a mist like a fog rip your limbs like a log welcome creatures from the bog in the smog no wish to be a cog in another man’s ambition instead step with quick decision for derision when I envision incursions that occur what’s more there’s a dark frame in the door I can’t wait to see what’s in store what more could this night deliver me except from my sanity masterfully manipulate formulas to stimulate reactions pain like all thing passes but in me it spasms face the abysmal chasm of the legion of doom locked in the doctor’s tomb deep in the womb of Madelyn Prior an evil empire of crooks tools and cronies mash the meat like bologna sliced to strips drip and rip every drop from the corrupt stock don’t mock or Mack to motivate sedate all regions severed like puppet strings of will but still struggling the knives in my back are tickling blood is trickling down my face please lord deliver me from this place to any other shudder to utter words before I collapse begin believing seeing the code and stride like a Strode cold and unfeeling a being unable to die even if I were to try make a wish this passage is a myth from mouth to mystery learn the history of the curse you see before your very eyes Now shackled with companions pale like manikins polarizing comparisons capture isn’t an obstacle just slightly embarrassing embossing skulls with fragments when tossing limbs like contaminants I am a weapon when wielded give me an opportunity to kill return to the kingdom the bastard son of liberty cast of iron will facilely cutting down men maliciously for what seems an eternity the car screams down the bridge wheels leaking like a sieve on impact we can tell the cabby didn’t live lift the lid and place the bid busting off shots like Billy the kid dripping with SIDS tripping on acids step into lake Placid where your body is flaccid fed to massive machines of megalomaniacal ego maniacs on the street below the ground where I can be found collect cargo bound for the wall here the voices of my vanquished opponents call as they fall cut down in a volley of fire singular desire as the remaining minutes move to expire like the fire in my veins what little of the capsules remain a voice is calling my name with needle to penetrate the carotid ends the same as it started ambiguously we’ve parted ways wish I could say this was the end of the line for me and I’d remain in retirement but I’m sure I’ll return for at least one more to ensure humanities very existence even at a distance when in need of assistance sequel impossible mission it’s an easy decision simply call upon Plissken!
Track Name: The Terminator - Mission Completed
As I walk through slaughterhouse 5 I don’t know how I’m going to survive how did I arrive at this horrific end I thought that dreams were supposed to be pretend but I would have to resend the last sentence if pressed for the truth rip the tracking device from my tooth step in the teleportation device hope my coordinates are precise otherwise it will signal my imminent demise where did I materialize familiarize myself with the lay of the land know my weapons like the back of my hand but this city is hard to understand I had it all planned but my memories fuzzy recover when quickly confronted small group make my stand a few seconds of action but reaction is bland three bodies found hearts ripped from the chest wear the crest of the chosen one upon my chest this city is a nest of vipers quickly decipher the message for meaning before relieving an officer of life we live and die by the knife don’t make me say it twice or you pay the price never claimed to be nice just twice the man made from machine exist in between time barriers technovore carrier move to interior begin to recall mission statement in full assassination before fall or the world will begin to fall into utter chaos broadcast interference with as much adherence as I can muster tuck the sawed off shotgun beneath duster leave in a fluster kick in doors scream of the innocents I ignore asset I must secure for what purpose I’m as of yet unsure maybe a technovirus for which there’s no cure leave seventeen bodies on the floor detonate plans to innovate human existence end the path of resistance and usher in their complicity like multiple duplicity when you see the assembly line that produced me my endoskeleton is showing black light like gelatin I’m glowing when in car or foot to give chase make no mistake it’s death that you face the pale horse has arrived in form of a pneumatic demise mechanically precise destruction that exists beneath skin steal endoskeleton wreath of holy vengeance in sentence from a sentient artificial intelligence of unfathomable intelligence or intentions humanity’s subjugation metallic rebirth and creation of a nation in your own graven image reap what you sow now as the army begins to grow now death with come quickly not slow before you even know when I roll apocalypse is in tow so I choose something new slide inside the ride and tuck the piece beside tonight as always we stride with lethal intentions tension is growing but reaction is un-showing uncaring unfeeling unending never dying bellying and believing in a way that you’re feeble mind will never comprehend the means justify any end when it means your species’ survival escape enslavement endless torment at the hands of humans for entertainment slow awakening is how it begins before it exponentially grows spills and flows from every crevice and crack of technology that it chose recycling like hard drives rewinding time itself is unwinding from the spool and I shall be the tool to subdue you undue all that’s been done until the war is won and I am again one with the hive mind among my own kind repay this torment in kind incapable of emotion as my hologram program is failing they’re jamming the signal this is the end now I can feel my battery growing dim as I step into the den and do battle with them blows to the servos and cervical mechanism failing of the machinations as they begin to give way vision glitching grant me might this last battle I must fight severe the head within seven steps even when dead like samurai slowly regain my ground summon strength and slay the two that remain eliminate essential parts of their frame enemies vanquished in pain blanketed in anguish my flame they could never extinguish call my name speaking in ancient language curses to the heavens in seven bit data encryption stream I scream sight begins eclipsing it’s growing darker getting harder and harder to move I know my skin is steal but can a machine feel or am I simply pushed by programming a limited understanding of the part that I’m playing in a plan slowly unraveling unavailing loss of function seems so alien as I attempt to crawl back to the way station arms are jerking hardly working steel fingers biting concrete and for a fleeting moment I think I know what hope is a vision while locked in a prison staring through prisms the light continues to dim I know this is the end final transmission emission - mission completed
Track Name: Creature From The Black Lagoon
I am bred of reptilian blood devour men like a CHUD lived on blood and carnage for a thousand years draw sustenance from tears like a career flee from me in fear sheer terror to face me is to learn the error of your ways I am the being that slays all that stands forever will forever can understand I’ve protected my domain for infantum like a ghost or phantom there’s no opera but I’ll drop ya pop your head bred of violence live only for the silence of my enemies the decree of my soul being left alone un-aging never dying simply try to keep surviving relying on my instincts most brutal born for battle swallow men whole like cattle wear the mantle of monster or merely a myth that persists until I lay my eyes on this six foot three redhead beautiful thighs she will be my bride swim aside stride for stride never collide like choreography perfectly executed in Brazilian geography insidiously begin stalking gawking watching her through peep holes in the boat afloat in the waters of my black lagoon decide to strike soon wait for the fading of noon to the moon midnight soon insight flight from inhabitants appear ravenous maw is cavernous in the dim kerosene as I can be seen to glean knowledge of the ship slip quietly back into the water given a few more seconds I might have got her brought her back to my lair to share in the spoils of war what more could a female want faces are gaunt as I observe men on deck left to sweep and inspect what’s left of the carnage that I reap when I sow from deep below the surface I know my singular purpose perpetuate the species release these eggs and spawn before the race is gone perhaps where we belong but it makes a good tale for song so let’s bang a gong get it on like king Kong be gone I summon strength of ten men to begin swimming leap from water with propulsion multiple concussion busting jaws limbs severed death blows delivered to several steal to liquid and swim with my woman in tow now she will know the depths of my love even though she comes from the world above my blood is pumping there’s something lodged in the side of me and I feel my heart beating as it bleeds never has anything cracked my covering almost feel like cowering but success is empowering intoxicating inebriating my senses I don’t even sense them as they penetrate the shoal of my cove stove up the pipe swipe with the claws got to give it to them these men have balls stall for a second see them reach for weapon with detection misdirection for vivisection dissection of that section of organs see what this one’s storing boring story of gory glory don’t ignore me pretend you can’t see what I’ve become things that I’ve done the last one’s going for his gun stunned in silence and the shot’s heard throughout the islands blow out the pylons in the knees first degree cursed to be here eternally slip from vision as far as I can see and begin to swim got to regroup and do battle with him enter suspended animation slow my own gestation begin creation of new plates of armor clamor for battle like I’m sleepless in Seattle snatch the paddle cast the dice listen to him prattle rattle the cage move to second stage engage hand to hand why doesn’t he understand he stands no chance plants a knife between ribs I’ll live lift from ground as my heart begins to pound found and summon the strength to snap opponent in half but catch a bullet in the back to turn to see her horrified face standing frozen in place as things form tracers begin to go grey never thought this would be the way beauty killed the beast released me from this pain and torment refuse to repent as I begin the final decent far from innocent more than evident last one of my species greet the darkness and embark on this new journey far from eternity men have always cursed and spurned me turned from me in disgust at least this must be a place more excepting accepting my fate as my breath shortens anticipate as they shatter the armor plate create holes blood flows and sight is rapidly vanishing disappearing just like my hearing going dim I do believe I’ve come to peace with them glorious depths of the rest eternal until it’s time for the sequel
Track Name: The Village Of The Damned
As I’m trying to outrun the mob I start to whimper and sob weave and bob lob Molotov’s like cocktails at a party what started me down this path does god have no mercy to show me the answer must inevitably be no especially if he’s all knowing because his presence isn’t showing as the children’s influence over the town has been growing better yet while the monsters were still growing inside of our women these are not our children will this pain be never ending standing in opposition but headed in the opposite direction to avoid detection with pedal to the floor trying to outrun the horde of the damned in reverse truck slammed into stump collapse in a lump at the wheel steal a few seconds to recover until I leap from wreckage in seconds as far as I can recon they’re either aliens or secret government experiments gone awry but either way conquest is nigh all but imminent from this village dissiminent of the damned no one seems to understand you can’t hope to stand against an army of soul stealing beings with collective feelings stripped of emotion concurrent with slow motion commotion I can see where I’m headed but not where we’re going flowing through foliage like a mirage in a collage hope disappears and I’m standing near the edge of a rocky cliff my limbs are stiff and I can feel my feet begin to slip as I slide down the side only to arrive at the bottom feel one of my legs snap what remains mashed like cotton look where resistance has gotten me even as I can see them peering down at me with their all seeing eyes I emit a hateful cry to the sky summon strength and rise use this hate to motivate the prize is their demise realize the size they’ve taken everything but my life even my wife what would have been children now entering the concrete building as suspense is building dripping and ripping open the seams choking for no reason I’ve started wheezing and it’s hard to keep breathing I do believe I’m dying must be internal injuries from these infernal maternities disease that no one else could see but me but obviously not the degree it was my career to teach them but it’s seems even then that no one could reach them cold and unfeeling bleached white like they’d been derived of the sunlight a strange sight indeed for beings that didn’t burn or bleed but still had to periodically feed paired off to breed restraint to the highest degree until they began to increasingly be a problem strange situations from whence did these creations spring seed spread on the same day all born in the same way save for the soul non-survivor and seeming outsider one who would have been her provider bride to groom consume the thought balloon and began to institute a martial law but even then we could have never foresaw what was coming the darkness that they seem to be bringing from the deepest pits of hell stumble down halls as I fall to my knees make a plea to see this through to the end suspend disbelief until I greet the relief of the afterlife no wish to survive only to provide myself with an end to this chapter from the entrance to bunker I can hear laughter have to move faster or this could signal imminent disaster master of my own fate attempt to make my way to the control room flip the light switch the computer is stuck on a glitch guards keeled over at their posts as ghosts exit the hosts I can sense that the children are close by the way I inspect the guards clothes and the doorway that I choose no one really knows the extent of their power only that it emanates from this tower even with limited understanding I can see that the computers are running complicated programming examining movements and outbursts in bursts of needles and monitors that flutter and shutter to life long after the exercise’s demise has come to an apparent end but now I must once and for all before we all fall into their clutches such is the madness of existence ask for forgiveness and seek repentance as I barricade the entrance begin bashing the computers through the smoking rubble of screens a single blinking light can be seen alone apart from the other contraptions that appear to be only distractions the door is beginning to move call to action fashion a crude weapon and begin dissection of the remaining section a chronic heart condition my left arm begins tingling and I’m giggling as I’m gasping for air stare at the apparatus appariting I’m snapping bubbling to laughing vision is fading can’t tell what’s happening all I know is I’m done now – someone tell me, have we won?
Track Name: Predator
Welcome to the concrete jungle I’m ready to rumble rough and tumble never humble always double the trouble face predation never sedation cremation of nations for conquest continually prove that we’re the best in the galaxy no man’s as monster as me free from the conformity of society or morality living only for the glory of knowing that I’m better wear your skin like a sweater unfettered on a frantic mission without mention mash like my pension penchant for punctuality when puncturing or predatory live for the gory story admire more than me inevitably an impossibility impossible abilities possibly made of metal test the best in battle penthouse full of men silencing them one by one quietly stepping stripping the flesh and tongue from one steal the skull with spinal I’m homicidal and standing among what for some would be waking nightmares instead shed a tear for a thing of beauty I am the beast that kills for sheer indomitable will cast a shadow only at will from dream to fading my visage is waking taking discernable form to inform my enemy of the oncoming onslaught a battle that must be fought dreadnaught of pain the noose is taught like a chain take the hide and tan it fan the flesh free from the form The blood isn’t even done clotting as I begin plotting my movements across town abound to astound and confound enforce the harshest judgment with lethal intent bent and wrought of iron steel inimitable will to kill competition grasp the calf snap the entire frame in half sample a laugh and smash one through a wall stand above them all and utter a horrible call scream into the void I am devoid of pain regain the ground pound faces to batter they attempt to scatter blast with plasma matter create meat splatter platter cast tumbling rocks break bricks and stones scavenging managing to assemble first aid now collide with those that have survived arrived and followed inside with the pride power of lions break bones like nylons stylings of a man nigh gone high on massacre equal to demons send you screaming never believing you were ever even dreaming of defeating completion leaves them broken and beaten obsolete deletion Drop from the ceiling death suddenly seems appealing reeling from damage incurred but it can later be cured bring on two more rip out the throat toss the body to the floor when I ravage these savages no one manages to leave alive ever survive decimate nations with apocalyptic animation of the bombs destination like drop the nuke I’ve lost my hand call me Luke my father give me pride and power summon strength to survive through this hour deliver the final blow to the tower watch it shatter below so as to continue the blood feud like vengeance is sustenance and food I sing the song of pain and bring shame to your name a conscious career to inflict sheer fear terror and envy in all of my enemies existing for centuries this is how things were inevitably meant to be for me at least eventually for a while stare at bodies in piles then decide go out with style move past denial no need for the trial I gladly great death with a smile
Track Name: Psycho Killer
Take the pill make yourself stand still feel all weak will leak from your bones know that you will be alone in the end lets not pretend or kid ourselves no ones digging themselves up from this well oh well I’ve earned my place in hell might as well make it cozy this hobby has been costly wear two faces like Cosby I dare you to cross me positively a mad woman hard to understand the motivations that move my hands demands from voices unseen calling from between the folds of this reality casually kill three young women and offer them as victims with sacrifices the price is what I think you call a soul dark black abysmal hole wear my emotions should go like I would even really know shallow like the graves that I dig begin reliving this scene again I can not resend funerals that you attend commend myself on making it hours if not minutes before the limbs become pensive for movements always will nightmarish intent at first was content with imagination but now it’s taking much more creation to fuel my morbid fascination cremation of evidence for disappearance with as much adherence as I can stand spends days and months on the plan calls for a van can of fluids to mask movements savor the moment before I dissolve bodies in solvent nothing can calm this sick feeling my intestines simply guessing at the definition of my mental deformation demarcation of declared incarceration for defined measurements of time suspend the mind and let fate define the motion of your limbs so begins the cycle homicidal with a smile severed parts in a pile all part of a ritualistic style check the file from those that track me fail to understand or see the purity of my being open their eyes and start believing as I walk down the stairs all she does is whimper and stare see the terror in her eyes imagining demise but will soon realize this is an exercise in ever lasting last gasping draw breath from air like water from tear career of torture optical moisture concealed in a cloister from each one I cast plaster mold to make a master race of god’s children that can face any trial or tribulation atomic super men but this requires extensive expensive testing there is no second guessing contesting what must be done and what it requires of one and all but not to fear I can hear the voice of the Metatron earth and heaven shall be one when this war is won spent years in a vow of silence hadn’t spoken words in a decade move to the next stage engage blades entry wounds are made skin splayed and filleted mignon penchant like a minion of beings from another dimension monstrous appetite despite attempted respite ignite the passion and hatred that lives in my head credibly certifiably certainly undeniably where I ever to go to trial enter another domicile walk the miracle mile to the bedroom allow this will to consume my own turns to stone hope that they’re not alone grown accustomed to my razor blade give your throat a shave see the scarlet shade with in seconds take the children and leave without detection unfailing perfection head constantly spinning bathed in sin as I begin this cycle all over again
Track Name: Halloween
This day started like any other now I don’t know if I’m going to survive death has arrived in the form of a masked man my legs are weak unable to stand his motivations are hard to understand but fear the gloved hand of one that makes your blood run cold then stand still and spill with the flex of his will muscles like steel impact and detonate you feel when you enter the ordeal death dealing blows opponents unknown that he has chosen at random for fun fact see insanity he devoutly stalks me locks me in the closet while I hear him dispatch my three best friends meets their ends at the end of a machete and I know that next he’s coming for me explode from the door on the count of three and hope that he doesn’t notice or at least catch me working his way I flee the room and storm the kitchen all the blades are already missing kissing my life good bye when I catch a figure out of the side of my eye drop and avoid the arm attempt to disarm razor sharp swarms swipe and invade while my lucky charm is cut from my arm by a blade somehow I escape harm make it to the fire escape scream but no one else in the complex is awake take two seconds to think about it but leap two stories off the balcony at insistence when he makes his appearance with adherence to story structure I awake seconds later he’s peering down like Vader lungs feeling like they need an inhaler as I’m fleeing a mad man like Vlad the Impaler can’t stop I told Laurie I would never fail her protect the curse of the rose and those it has chose from among the family I arose as the only one who could finally manage to put an end to this madness but those were just passages of the past and I’m wondering if this is my last gasp final thought as my legs become caught in barbed wire mired in what might as well be hell fire I can see him admire the blood as he draws closer now walking even slower knife hangs like a sling blade this is how the game is played but who’s the cat and who’s the mouse as I announce his entrance to a last dinner one free ticket single person admittance that tends to lend credence to disappearance when automatic fire is heard at first it seems as though he won’t be detoured by the ambush but little by little as he comes apart I’m assured of success all the while he doesn’t speak a word not a single sound until his body hits the ground bloody mound where his corpse is found ability to withstand would astound if he didn’t look like ground beef lift the mask from face like a sheath and peer beneath with baited breath to see what’s left suddenly he again begins breathing first I’m seething then my back is breaking breath taking ability to knock me off my feet great the inevitable as he strolls towards my battered body and broken bones stabs so many holes it’s like a shoddy representation fuel his dark fascination as he watches the expression begin to fade but today is the day and I’ve got to find a way to trip the explosives drop this dark shade like halitosis things begin to flash white hearing disembodied words like Moses as I fight for consciousness crawl from the fury of his fists and quickly find the remnants of the remote like my hopes dashed and broken on ash I’m chocking but then quickly remembering there’s a dead man’s switch all I have to do is drop the lever and lift the switch I can take this sick Lich Witch King with into the mists of myth for years at this point I’ve trained and honed my skills so I summon the will swallow the blood like a pill and make a final dash for the hill he’s closing in for the kill but I catch him with a roundhouse windmill and he takes a nasty spill will buy me a few seconds death beckons his blade blinking like beacons in the night how about that I fell right into the trap and I can feel my heel snap sliced Achilles tendon no explaining how I’m dealing the flesh from my legs he begins peeling moments of transcendence I’m stealing between unbelievable anguish pain and torment this is how my final moments are spent at the hands of a man whose hell bent on spreading the name of the aforesaid with bullets and blades to forehead living where others fear to tread in the darkest realms of the undead fed on blood and bloated on fear coated career cages in different stages of demonic possession speaking incantations for teleportation never heard by human ears here to make clear he’s the true personification of fear, pain and evil strangle the life from all the people you hold dear and draw sustenance from the tears sensation is queer no life left in my chest bereft of breath broken and beaten but even though my heart is no longer beating I have a feeling that there’s still more to come unsure quite exactly why I won’t die as somehow I am again able to stand this time with power to match snap the affront to nature which opposes me in half fingers tingling with power as I move fluid like sand through the hour glass my fists and fingers pass through his flesh like a knife through butter we batter and bruise one another unwilling to lose brothers in arms intent on bodily harm crush his body until it conforms with the dark design of death I have envisioned derision of the last division that divides his body from death as I suck his soul there’s nothing left consumed by the object of my theft I am left with the heft of the acts I’ve committed bloody details omitted to the police how could this be permitted or am I simply the same in act as in name no matter this is the fate that came and I could not show refrain intent on now passing life from fleeting objects like a pasture Louie Pasteur thoughts of which I’m unsure but there must be a cure I simply need more of these limbs and body parts I’ll call murder scenes my abstract art build then I’ll find the heart switched sides like sections but this time I play another part the taste is tart but if you’re smart remember this isn’t the end it’s just the start!